It all boils down to one word: MISSION. 

While Napa Valley can attribute its success to a number of different factors, the real beginning of our history as a winemaking region traces its roots back to the Spanish Missionaries, the settling of the Missions, and theIr first plantings of the Mission grape.  From prohibition to phylloxera, the tumultuous nature of our history has given rise to new plantings, rebirths, and iterations that have resulted in the progression of our ever changing valley.  We harken back to pioneers like Robert Mondavi who tirelessly championed Napa Valley wines during those challenging times; pushing winemakers to raise their standards of winemaking while simultaneously championing our efforts to the global arena.  Small wins like the 1976 Judgment of Paris mark significant moments in our history when the tide changed and the world began to take notice.  It seems obvious today, but those voices, moments, and rebirths have all been a part of a consistent effort which has led to the success Napa Valley has been enjoying for the last few decades.  While techniques will change and varietals replanted, our history and our future remains grounded in the philosophy that we must  carry on that tradition of the conversation, the improvements, and ultimately, the mission to continue proving to the world that Napa Valley is the greatest winemaking region in the world.  

In an effort to do our part, we begin with our inaugural event:  Napauleé.  Together with the restaurant that celebrated our wine region first and with more commitment and dedication than any other in history, we invite you to come together for a magical evening of communal celebration with friends, family, and colleagues to raise a glass to the end of harvest and commemorate Napa Valley now, then, and beyond.